"Bye, y' sweet one. I have to find me Doctor'
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1 out of the only 3 het couples my  stomach doesn’t complain about

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It’s 6 a.m. and I have no one to share my headcanons with.

bfketh said: *staaaaaaaaaaaare*

wanna exchange headcanons?


The April Fools fic was glorious though. You could use it to make smut fic trope bingo cards. 

Yeah, I always picture Jean as talking agood game, and maybe sometimes Marco goes along with it, but he always knows that all he has to do is give Jean a certain look or talk to him a certain way or apply just a bit of force, and all of a sudden Jean’s switch flips and he turns into putty.

Also, Marco is a great cook, and Jean can burn water. Unless he’s cooking on a grill. Then he’s fine. Don’t bother asking for a well-done steak, though. You’re getting it medium-rare at best and liking it.

My headcanon is that Jean can cook just fine as long as he doesn’t have to deal with any sharp objects. Marco claims he can cook but besides grilled cheese and boiling pasta he won’t put the effort into learning how to make other things.

Ha, I can see that, too.

My particular Marco has a tiny Italian grandmother, and everyone with tiny Italian grandmothers can cook. That’s how it works in my family, any way.

That’s my writer Marco, though. If you gave my prince Marco some ingredients and told him to cook something, he’d probably poke it for a bit then give you puppy eyes until you gave in and did it for him. He could probably handle chopping something up if you told him exactly how to do it, but that’s about it.

That’s adorable. I love that fic by the way, it gives me fluffy feels.

CAN I ADD MYSELF TO this conversation please? <3

Ugh, yus. My headcanon is about music and, well…
Marco may listen to 70s-80s post punk (stuff like Pet Shop Boys and…New Order), while Jean listens to those new synthpop bands. He’s a fan of Tesla Boy and Hurts, his currently fave song is Miracle by the last mentioned. Jean likes listening to old 80s tunes and dislikes a fucking lot commercial music, trance/house and mainstream stuff.

I agree about the tiny Italian granny - as I’m Italian too and aw I love thinking about the lovely Bodt coming from my land-
My headcanon is that both Jean and Marco come from Switzerland, but they were born in different zones of it. Marco’s father is Swiss, but his mother is Italian and he lived in Canton Ticino, in the south of Switzerland which is full of Italians.

Jean is Swiss with a very old French-originary parentage in it. He’s udet to use German and he’s germanlike in everything; he’s got an unhideable (!) which is what Marco loves to listen to, even before 80s songs.

(I wanted to tell you one thing: if any of you is interested in rping a Jeanmarco/other ships on tumblr or somewhere, please feel free to tell me. I’d love it a lot, dear ones)

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Baby Pokemon and their Final Forms!

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Success, a short comic about following your dreams

(made in celebration of my Facebook page reaching 100K Likes)

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For the draw yourself meme.

Ok so snk was the most requested one. The second pic is me reacting to the titans for the fist time cause anon asked. I’m p sure I would cry. I would be the shittiest soldier ever.

What a cutie patootie <3

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Reblog if a teacher has ever



Bullied you, talked to you like you were stupid, , made you feel uncomfortable, offended you, harassed you, made you feel like you were dumb, made fun of you, ignored you, or talked down to you

Im trying to prove a point to my father that teachers can be as hurtful as the students

not directly at me but called my class mate stupid in front of all of the class (and refuses to apologize)

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EW anthonyainley asked

18th October 1965: Mrs Ann Downey watches the police search Saddleworth Moor for the body of her daughter Lesley Ann Downey

…this is what  ’Watching the Detectives’ is based off, isn’t it?

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Send me a pairing


holy hell no way | wtf | why | just NO | tolerable | meh they’re okay | cute | my babies | hot | I will go down with this ship | OTP 

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*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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